What is American Cuisine?

Have you ever found yourself asking this question after seeing a descriptor like American or New American. Maybe you assumed it was some sort of fusion, and that’s not too far off. But unlike other fusion cuisines, American cuisine has rich culinary histories and traditions.  Although North American in general and the USA, in particular, is a patchwork of flavors, brought by waves of immigration, in the eyes of the Roundsman there are a few unifying themes and flavors to American cuisine. American cuisine is rich and savory, we love fats especially pork fat and Butter. American Cusine is smoky, this is a result of our traditions not only for flavoring food but preserving it as well. American cuisine celebrates the farmer, throughout its history American cuisine is the story of people eating what was grown and raised locally. This is an overview of American cuisine in the eyes of the roundsman. See these views in practice at our events, see our coming events page for more info.

The American Roundsman