Hi, welcome to our site. I am Thomas R. Lane II, and I am the American Roundsman. I have over 10 years experience in some of the top new American restaurants in the SF Bay Area as well as catering and large volume food production experience. With the American Roundsman, my aim is to curate quality American cuisine in a modern way all with the aesthetic of the Roundsman. Here at The Roundsman, we want to embody the rich culinary traditions of the America. To do that we aim to take your favorite American foods and serve them in a gourmet way that is still accessible to all. We also aim to educate about American cuisine, to help people understand its more than burger and fries. The American Roundsman will be offering Popup dining events, hosting cooking classes, selling its spice blends and recipes in a cookbook. If you are excited about the possibilities for American cuisine as an accessible modern cuisine stay tuned to this space and feel from to drop us a line on the contact page. Thanks.